Scott Endsley

Scott does it. In fact, he’s been doing search marketing since before it even had a name. During his search marketing career, dating back to 2001, Scott worked on clients ranging from small startup businesses to Fortune 100 companies with international footprints.

Just a sampling of clients for whom Scott has led organic search strategy include: ColgatePalmolive, Gatorade, Wendy’s, Western Union, Honeywell, Waste Management, Kellogg’s, Allstate, Carlson Hotels and Franklin Templeton.

As co-founder and co-owner of Genessee, Scott brings his passion for search marketing to professional services businesses that are ready for a better experience, better service, a better approach, and better results. When it’s done right, search and digital marketing will bring your business more clients. We do it better at Genessee. Scott is Genessee.