5 Ways A Website Can Benefit Your Business

A website can bring many benefits to a business. Whether connecting with local clients or advertising products worldwide, you need a website for promotion, connection, and growth. In this article, we will discuss five key elements to include in your website and the benefits of using each of them.

1. Tell Your Story

Your website should tell the story of your business. How did you get started? What benefits do you offer to loyal customers? Why should people choose your products over your competitors? Answering these questions will give your customers an idea of who they support when buying your product. Your story should motivate customers to take an action step or make a choice about your products. Keeping your story concise and relevant will help you reach your target audience and start selling your products. 

2. Sell Your Products

You can make your products appealing by using eye-catching images, providing employee assistance, and promoting customer testimonials. Your page titles and product titles should contain keywords that are easy to search. This will boost your website ranking on Google so that customers find your business when they search for your products. A website is a great way to advertise your products and services if you have a storefront or office location. Prompting customers to visit your store, sign up for email updates, or chat with a consultant will make your products and services more appealing. 

3. Provide Contact Information

Your website should provide an easy way for customers to contact you. Give your customers the option to call, email, or visit your store in person. If you have a social media marketing strategy, you can link your social media pages. Encourage customers to like your posts, review your business on Google, or chat with a consultant on your website. Providing various methods of communication ensures that customers can interact with your company in the way that is most comfortable for them. Remember, customer interaction is the foundation for building lasting customer relationships!

4. Connect With Customers

Now that your customers have made their way to your website because it is optimized for search engines, you want to continue to nurture a connection. There are many ways to do this, so pick your favorite! You could:

  • Showcase product reviews and customer testimonials
  • Feature a video or two that shares your company story in a compelling way, interviews a happy customer, or answers FAQs 
  • Import user-generated-content from social media channels

5. Share Consistent Updates

Consistent updates and blog posts add fresh and relevant content to your website. Your blog posts should be keyword rich. Specific keywords will direct your target audience to your website because you anticipate the words they will search to find your business. You should optimize your website content for local SEO if you are a local business. You don’t want your content to reach people halfway across the world if your products do not apply to them. Focusing on consistency and easy access to your content will foster trust in your customers and help you reach online customers.


Do you want to see these website benefits in your business? Contact Genessee today to learn how we can optimize your website to reach your customers and achieve your marketing goals!