What is Reddit and Should Your Brand Use It?

Reddit is an online community uniting users around common trends and discussions on various topics. B2B companies use Reddit to engage with niche communities and research trending topics among their audience. For brands seeking to establish their presence on this platform, adhering to the best practices that foster engagement and credibility is essential. Below, we’ll explore the strategies for using Reddit to grow your brand and educate your audience.

Participating In Subreddits 

Reddit consists of numerous communities called “subreddits,” each dedicated to specific topics. Redditors vote posts up or down depending on whether or not they like the content, and the posts with the most upvotes receive the most exposure. Each subreddit has its own rules and culture, making it crucial for brands to take the time to understand the community they want to engage with. Brands can use subreddits to conduct market research on their audience by following these guidelines:

Research and Listen

You must understand and respect the subrededit rules since a ban from a subreddit negatively affects your brand’s reputation. Observing discussions and understanding the community’s pain points will help tailor your interactions and branded content to match their interests. 

Participate and Engage

Actively participate in discussions on relevant subreddits. Responding to comments, answering questions, and contributing to the community builds trust and establishes your brand as an industry authority.


Developing Your Reddit Strategy

When you know what is most important to your audience, you can generate content that answers their questions, solves their problems, and demonstrates appreciation for their feedback. Using the information you gathered from participating in subreddits, consider how you want to structure your branded subreddit. You can use a tool like Brandwatch to monitor and understand what people say and think about your brand as you start posting. 

Start Your Subreddit

Use your branded subreddit to share promotions, product drops, and provide real-time customer service. One of the advantages of having a branded subreddit is that other customers can answer questions for you, leading to more satisfied customers and a strengthened brand reputation. When your audience understands, knows, and loves your brand, they won’t hesitate to promote it. Consider hosting an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session with your subreddit to build relationships and showcase the value your products and services offer. 

Create Valuable Content

Creating a valuable topic-based community without being self-promotional is key to a thriving subreddit. Content like informative articles, infographics, or entertaining videos will gain recognition as your audience gives it more upvotes. As the community votes on your posts, you will better understand what content is valuable to them. 

Monitor Performance

Understanding the best times to post is essential for gaining visibility and maximizing engagement. Tools like Reddit Insights help you identify optimal posting times, while key performance indicators such as upvotes, comments, click-through rates, and audience growth help you gauge your brand’s performance. Redditors aren’t afraid to share their opinion, so pay attention to the feedback you receive from the community. Adjust your strategy based on this feedback to better meet their needs and expectations.

Use Reddit Ads

Although the platform only allows minimal self-promotion, brands can make sponsored posts and promote their subreddits to engage with their audience and provide customer support. Sponsored posts appear on users’ feeds like regular posts so they can blend seamlessly into the community and generate engagement. Promoting your subreddit can increase your following and create a dedicated community around your products or services.


Avoid Common Reddit Pitfalls

Although Reddit is not a traditional social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, there are still rules and guidelines creators must follow. Learn the common pitfalls brands fall into on Reddit so you can avoid them. 


Creating fake accounts or manipulating discussions to promote your brand violates Reddit’s rules. This could lead to a ban and damage your brand’s reputation. Don’t create an account pretending to be someone just to gain attention or upvotes.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

Redditors value authentic brands, so they look for subreddits where creators actively engage with the community. Brands must be open to constructive criticism and negative feedback and seek to resolve any conflict. When applicable, look for ways to implement the changes your audience suggests.

Engaging in Arguments

Reddit is known for passionate debates and discussions, but engaging in arguments or heated debates as a brand can be detrimental. Always maintain a respectful tone and avoid confrontation.

Avoid Hard-Selling

Reddit is not a traditional advertising platform, and using it as such will likely lead to adverse reactions. Brands should follow the 60/40 rule of marketing, which says 60% of your content should bring value, while the other 40% may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Focus on being helpful, informative, and entertaining while selectively promoting your products or services.

Reddit provides a unique opportunity for brands to connect with passionate and engaged communities. By understanding the platform, following best practices, and embracing authenticity, brands can foster meaningful interactions and promote consumer loyalty. 

Successful brands on Reddit establish trust, authenticity, and credibility among Redditors. By creating a branded subreddit, you can use this unique platform to connect with your audience and learn how they perceive your brand.