3 Things We Learned from the #InstagramDown + #FacebookDown Debacle of 2019

Marketing experts who have been telling brands & companies since Day 1 to “own your list” are throwing back their hands and saying “I told you so!” Twitter may have been the only social media platform functioning on March 13, 2019 and their base did not fail to entertain those left in the void, serving up some hilarious and timely memes.

1. Social Media By Itself Isn’t Enough

Were you left in the dark with how to reach your people with today’s message, story, or promotion? You weren’t the only one! If (when) this happens again, do you have an email strategy in place that you know will convert your audience into clients? Your email list should be made up of your biggest fans and customers who have opted in to receive active and intentional communication from you! If social media one day disappeared — like it pretty much did today — an email is an avenue to stay connected with your people a real and offer them a personal experience — education, updates, promotions, new products, anything! You can generate action from your email list, probably even better than from a Facebook or Instagram post alone.

2. Don’t Forget Your Other Platforms

Much like putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, a social strategy that only uses Facebook and/or Instagram is going to have gaps. That’s not to say your business or brand needs a presence on every platform out there, but there are 4 main sites you should appear on regularly:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • bonus 5th – Twitter

Each social media platform has unique advantages and disadvantages, just as it serves its users in unique ways. Where did everyone run to when FB & IG shutdown in the US? To Twitter! That’s because Twitter is an excellent way to contact brands for customer support (and find a few well-done gifs along the way).

Pinterest is highly visual, like Instagram, but functions more like a search engine. It’s the No. 1 platform to share links to your long-form blog content that serves and educates your potential clients. If you’ve optimized your website for search (SEO), then you already know the basics behind optimizing each Pin and it’s linked content.

Any business looking to grow needs to be on LinkedIn; it’s one of the most effective ways to recruit new talent. And a properly optimized LinkedIn profile and company page increase your chances of ranking in Google search, giving you more valuable real estate in the search engine results.

3. Maybe It’s Time for Some Off-Line Activities

When was the last time your team gathered for a brainstorming session with pen and paper — no cell phones, no laptops, and no online distractions? You might be amazed how much more you’ll communicate and accomplish without timesucks stealing your attention for minutes at a time during the workday. Quit refreshing your feeds and focus on what’s happening in real time in real life. Your business may benefit when you remove yourself from the comparison tools and focus on what can change internally.


We don’t want to be too harsh about leaning on our favorite platforms because they’re a big part of the mixed media marketing presence brands require in today’s digital age. We do want to help you come up with a marketing mix that makes sense for your brand that won’t leave your audience in the dark during a social media blackout. Does this sound like something you could use our knowledge to accomplish? Get In Touch!