Wendt Goss Law Case Study

The Problem

Wendt Goss, a leading law firm in the Kansas City area specializing in personal injury law, had a cookie cutter website that looked like every other personal injury law firm website serviced by an unresponsive, overpriced company was causing frustration and poor results.

The Solution

We built a great looking new website with conversion and SEO as the primary driving factors throughout design and development.

The Results

A well-optimized great looking professional website with SEO best practices in places.

SEO ranking highlights (first year, beginning with 45 days of new site):

Top 10 highest volume tracked keywords ALL on Google Page 1

Organic Traffic UP 15% in first 45 days of new optimized site.

Most important keyword*  Top 4 (usually #2) every single day back 14 months

10 of 20 most important keywords on Page 1

*”personal injury lawyer”
**starting 3 months after our updates
 BEFORE new site:
5 on Page 1

PPC Highlights

1st Full Month under Genessee vs Previous Year with SAME BUDGET

2013 (old agency):
137 clicks from ads
at $36.50 CPC
99 clicks at $25.25 CPC
2014 (Genessee):
980 clicks from ads
at $7.96 CPC
1,582 clicks at $7.44 CPC


BOTH quantity and quality of leads much higher under Genessee than previous agency.