Beyond the Dog – Case Study


Beyond the Dog was launching a second operation in Houston, TX to follow up their very successful Kansas City-based business.

The Problem

BTD needed to quickly grow their brand awareness in a brand new market in a very short amount of time. SEO for a brand new site would take time, time that the client didn’t have in the new market.

The Solution & Results

  • A new website with strong CTAs focused on the Houston area and surrounding suburbs. SEO was the primary force behind design, development and content decisions.
  • A PPC campaign launched when the doors of the business opened and immediately the phone was ringing and appointments were booked.
  • It did take time, but with patience, BTD saw organic search rankings consistently grow and 6 months in explode.  22 of the 90 tracked keywords (previously not even in the top 500) were on page 1 of Google! Including some of their most important keywords.
  • The client who believed PPC was a necessary evil to help out with a new business in Houston is now a firm believer that PPC drives cost-effective results and has ongoing PPC as an always-on part of their marketing plan.


In just 6 Months…

22 Keywords on Page 1
of Google SERP

Organic traffic has continued to increase on the new website

 Another client convinced
that PPC works!