Kansas City PPC Management — Don’t Let Google Waste Your Money

PPC (or pay-per-click) advertising is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing strategy—that is if you know how to leverage this resource effectively. It can be incredibly frustrating to pour money into your PPC ads without seeing any real revenue returns or traffic increases to your website. When you pay by the click, you want every click to count, which means you need to target the right audience, location, keywords, etc. To ensure that your resources are being well used, hiring a Kansas City PPC management service is the way to go. Let’s get into it!

The Dos and Don’ts of PPC Management

It’s time to make Google Ads work for you instead of the other way around!  These are some of the basic practices you should follow when building your strategy, hiring outside help, etc.

  • Do use an experienced and professional PPC campaign management service. Especially if you have inexperienced SEO or PPC specialists who struggle to navigate the Google Ads platform, a PPC agency can guide you through the process while keeping your overall business strategy in mind. Not all PPC agencies are created equal, though, so do your research and make sure you hire the right team.
  • Do continue to go after organic search engine rankings. Organic SEO has a higher return on investment compared to paid online advertising, so you shouldn’t necessarily pick one or the other. Both organic and paid advertising have their place in your online marketing strategy; in fact, your PPC and SEO advertising should work hand in hand.
  • Do use PPC campaigns to gather data. You can learn a lot about your client base and potential clients by running PPC campaigns, and you can use that short-term feedback about your marketing and website performance to take full advantage of your ongoing SEO strategy.
  • Don’t pay for third-party resellers or outsourced services. If you’re paying a team to manage your advertising, it’s best to avoid agencies that outsource their PPC services. You need a cohesive advertising strategy, so make sure your service provider is taking care of PPC in-house.
  • Don’t rely on Google to make you the most money. It may sound a little cynical but remember: Google is designed to make money, so you don’t want to just rely on the Google Ads’ automated bidding system. PPC experts can help you determine where to allocate your funds and how to work with Google, not for Google.

Kansas City PPC Services

So, what does a PPC agency do to boost your business and SEO efforts? Here’s what you can expect from a competitive PPC management service.

  • Targeted keyword research
  • Bidding strategy
  • Daily management of your campaigns
  • Ad copy and messaging experts
  • Ongoing optimization and CRO for maximum ROI
  • Grows with Google Ads updates
  • Performance reports
  • Understanding of social media, video, and mobile advertising
  • Landing page conversion
  • Remarketing/retargeting ads for optimized conversions

Make the Most of Your PPC Budget

Your Kansas City PPC budget is waiting for the right experts and campaign managers to get a return on your investment. Genessee is committed to a cost-effective strategy that provides instant visibility, optimized content, maximized click-through rates, and more. Learn more about our services today!